Transparency Program

Anti-corruption law

With the Anticorruption Law, all Brazilian companies and their managers are subject to penalties for practices that may cause damage to national or foreign public administrations. To avoid such risks, companies must implement integrity programs.

Transparency Program

The Transparency Program is a set of actions devised by Vigna Advogados in conjunction with G. Jacintho Consultoria, using Legal Ethics technology, which aims to prevent and ensure that everyone involved with a company complies with its code of conduct; thus helping to combat irregularities. The program allows suggestions, compliments, complaints or reporting facts to be made anonymously and easily by employees.

The Transparency Program sets up a complete communication system providing:

 Formation of a Compliance Committee

 Internal Marketing

Anonymous Reports

Watch Gabriel Jacintho’s interview for the Social Networks and Digital Innovation channel at A Tribuna on the subject.

How it works

Occurrence Reporting

Any Employee can declare an occurrence through the Legal Ethics system.

Events can be anonymous or identified

Once the report is made, a protocol number will be generated, which should be used to monitor the process.

Events can describe situations of misconduct, complaints, or even record praise. However, it is important to instruct employees to avoid unfounded complaints.

Examples of problems to report

Deviation of goods

Moral coercion
Sexual Harassment

Accounting Fraud
Tax evasion
Financial deviations

How does it work?


The Integrity Committee will be notified of new complaints through e-mails.

The occurrence can be addressed to other members of the Committee, according to their characteristics.

Within the Legal Ethical System, the Committee member must classify the occurrence as Pending, Urgent or Normal.

Each occurrence goes through the process of reading of the report, investigation, action and conclusion, all within the Legal Ethics system.

Whistleblowing and Reports Circuit

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