Perícia Contábil

Forensic Accounting

Forensic Accounting may be engaged by the parties or appointed by a judge, whereas the expert is a key player in resolving disputes in court, offering his or her expertise to prepare reports and opinions necessary to understand the reality of the facts presented in the legal proceedings.

According to the definition of the Brazilian Accounting Standard, forensic accounting is “the set of technical, scientific procedures designed to bring to the decision-making body elements of evidence necessary to support the fair solution of the dispute or fact finding, by means of an accounting expert report and/or technical and accounting opinion, in accordance with legal and professional standards and with specific law where applicable.”

G. Jacintho is a specialist in providing forensic accounting services in judicial and arbitration proceedings, whereas our Chief Executive Officer, Gabriel de Carvalho Jacintho, has co-written the book “Perícias em Arbitragem”(Forensics in Arbitration), used by several professionals in the field.

Forensic accounting may only be performed by an accountant duly registered and regularized before the Regional Accounting Council.

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